Škoda VIN decoder

What information encoded in 17-character VIN number of Škoda models?

(source: Škoda Auto)Do you think your car's VIN number is just a bunch of characters making no sense at all? You're wrong! Car manufatcturers must use a special code format to identify their cars. It must be 17-character long, must contain a check code showing the validity of the whole VIN code, they have to encode the home continent, home country of the company, and the code of the company itself. The last 6 characters usually make a serial number, the unique ID of each car.

The other characters are free to use by manufacturers. Škoda as all the other VAG-group automakers encode into the VIN the followings:
trim level, body outfit, engine type, number of airbags installed, wheel driving mode, model ID, check code of VIN validity, (model)year of manufacture, code of the manufacturing plant.

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