Octavia 2 faults

Based on my and fellow owners' experiences all around the world

If you intend to buy an used Octavia 2, it's good to know the common problems of the type. I gathered the problems of mine and other Octavia 2 owners all around the world.

Important information:

Factory tyre sizes: 195/65 R15, 205/55 R16, 225/45 R17, 225/40 R18.


Problems occurring frequently

Squeaking side windows

Side windows are squeaking while pulling up or down. Lubricating of side window rails is not a permanent solution.


Wind noise at rear doors

Whizzing or slurping noise is reported sometimes from the rear doors. Replacement of door seals with modified part or re-installing the fixed side window with additional sealing material may solve the problem. Occurred on cars manufactured in 2005 and 2006.


Cruise control turns off

Early index stalk switches equipped with cruise control switches were faulty. Cruise control turned off by itself after the first time the index was used. Replacement of stalk switch was needed.


Non water-proof fuse compartment (in 2004 only)

Cars made in 2004 had non water-proof fuse box in the engine compartment. Box cover was modified, modification is indicated by a small umbrella on it.


Peeling chrome-like decoration of dashboard box lid and door handles

Cars manufactured in 2005 equipped with storage comapartment on the top of the dashboard (Ambiente, Elegance level or above) have this fault. The chrome-like decoration stripe on the compartment's lid peels off.
Chrome-like decoration of inner door handles (latches) peels off too. These problems were handled under warranty.
At Classic level the dashboard box has no lid and the door handles have no chrome-effect coating.


Peeling rubber coating of door pull handle

Rubber coating of door pull handle peels off around the power window swithces. It's an inherited problem from earlier VW cars, but I also found it on Ford cars.


Breaking door trim

If the driver or passenger keeps his or her elbow on the upper part of door trim regularly, right below the window, the trim breaks under the weight. This problem is handled under warranty during warranty period.
VW problem, occuring at Passat and Audi models too.


Creaking steering gear (until 2005)

At first series, about until 2005, the steering gear had a problem. Creaking noise was produced while turning the steering wheel. Service bulletin was released, Golf 5 was also affected.


2.0 TDI faulty double mass flying wheel

One supplier of the two possible, manufactured faulty double mass flying wheels for 2.0 PD TDI engines in 2004-2005. Hopefully, all the faulty flying wheels are replaced under warranty since then or went wrong already.


Wrongly set trunk locking mechanism

Some cars made in 2005 have wrongly set trunk lid lock mechanism. The whole mechanism must be moved downwards by 1-2 millimeters.


Parking assist sensors

Parking assist sensors of MY2005 cars go wrong soon, I had to change 2 out of 4. A friend of mine with MY2005 Octavia 2 also changed at least two.

Incorrectly fitted front number plate holder may disturb the operation of front parking assist sensors. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Seizing small cooling fan

1.6 8V BGU engines are equipped with dual cooling fan system. The small fan tends to stop working because of seizing brushes. The reason is: dust gets into the fan housing, since it has openings towards the front of the car and the fan is sucking the dust into itself when operating. The fault has no visible sign, hard to recognize since only a record of failure is written into the fault memory and the large fan is still working. No warning light on the dashboard.
It's easy to check the operation of fans. Start the engine and activate the AC system. Both fans must start almost immediately, even when the engine is cold, and they have to spin at average rev. If the small fan starts then stops, or does not start at all, it's faulty.
If you know the usual noises of your car, you'll notice that cooling is a little bit noisier than before. The electronic system recognizes the fault of the small fan and sets the large to maximum speed to compensate, but this results in louder operation noise.

BSE and BSF 1.6 8V engines (from MY2006) have only one cooling fan, a big one. Other engines (diesel and even the newest 1.4 TSI) still equipped with two fans.
The price of the original small fan (1K0 959 455 DG) is more, than GBP 188 or USD 300!


Changed rear wheel alignment from MY 2006

Because of the rear wheel noise and extreme tyre wear problems reported by owners the rear wheel camber value is modified from MY2006.

Old values are: -1°45' ± 30'
New values are: -1°20' ± 30'

This information applies to Standard and Sport suspension. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Defects with Air Mass Meter

If defects with the air mass meter on with engines 1.9 77 kW (105 PS) and 2.0 103 kW (140 PS) occur, the original air filter is to be replaced by the new type and a water pipe modification is to be fitted. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Creaking Dashboard - De-mister Vents

The de-mister grid is composed of a decorating metal grid and a plastic grill. The different thermal properties of both materials as the consequence of the temperature changes in the vehicles interior causes' movement between the upper and lower part of the defroster grid. The frictions of both parts may produce loud cracking noises. Replacement grids of part number 1Z0 819 695 A 47H - left side 1Z0 819 696 A 47H - right side should be fitted. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Climatronic Clicking

A clicking noise can be heard from the Climatronic system, when the system is controlling the air-flow. A simple adjustment with the dealer diagnostic system can cure this. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Squeaking, Creaking Door Seals

There may be a complaint of squeaking, creaking noises from around the door aperture. The fix for this is to replace the door seals with a modified part. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com) My experience: lubricating of door seals also eliminates the noise. The problem is, that for a while only. I tried glycerine, other rubber care materials, but only Einszett rubber care stift had permanent effect, no such noise for more than a half year now. Don't forget to apply the stift on the rubber bumpers and limiters of the doors and the trunk lid.


Drive Shaft Vibration - 1.9 77 kW (105 PS) PD-TDI with 0A4 Gearbox

In such cases interior noise may be evident (vibration) at approx. 1900 rpm and especially at approx. 2900 rpm. The solution is to replace the drive shaft to a revised one fitted with vibration damper. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Headlights - Water Ingress

If the headlight unit is equipped with a third ventilation hole with a rubber bend on the side closest to the radiator, then it should be replaced with a new one. Later models without this vent but that do leak will have to be pressure tested and replaced as required. (Source: www.octavia-vrs.com)


Tail lights - disfunctional bulbs

Mainly from MY2007.
Some of the 4 bulbs forming the "C" shaped tail lights (mainly in the lower corner, almost never the bulb used for brake or fog lights) will not turn on. No yellow warning light on the instrument cluster.
It seems to be a contact problem of wire connector, bulb socket or in the bulb itself.


1.4 TSI engine - clattering noise after start-up, for 2-3 sec.

Sporadic problem after cold start, but sometimes at warm engine too.
Caused by elongated timing chain. Should be replaced under warranty.

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