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In 1996 at a local car show in Debrecen, Hungary I glanced the new model of Škoda, named after the great success of 1959: the Octavia.

I was totally impressed! It was unbelievable seeing Škoda logo on such a well-built, quality car. I was under the impression that it must be a serious, large sedan - and it was!

The biggest surprise was the trunk! Till that time I'd only seen that large trunk only on american cars!

I can tell You, it was love at first sight!

I was eager to get one, but I had no chance at all. We always had Škoda in the family. My parents and both godfathers of mine once owned the S100 model. When I was a child I was often reading the repair manual of the S100. My first car was also a Škoda, the 120L (also known as "Estelle"). It had many problems, just like young men's first cars usually have. By the age of 13 years the 120L had so many problems that it was better to sell than pay for the repairs, so I sold it.

My next car was an Audi 80 CC from 1985, the "golden age" of european car manufacturers. I used it until the age of 20 years. Meanwhile I was getting closer to the Octavia, since one of my friends had one, so I could drive it sometimes. It's fascinating, how handy it was for me! Driving an Octavia was a great feeling! I felt as if I were always driving it, I did not feel at all that I would have to get used to it like at other cars!

When it was time to replace the Audi and buy my first new car in my life - after checking out other makes on the market and because of the emotional ties -, it had to be an Octavia! By the time I could afford to engage in buying a new car in 2004, the second generation came out. I did not really like it, tried it but it was not impressive. As time went on and I compared the prices and the cars, I realized that the new model gives more. The interior was one class higher than in the old Octavia (renamed to Octavia Tour), and the exterior was getting more and more desirable for me too.

That was like a new Octavia 2 was handed over to me and I was happy to drive it out of the gate of a hungarian dealer on 23.03.2005.

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