Octavia (1959)

Tech Stuff

The 1270 kg (2800 lb) saloons were sold with 1089 cc engines producing 40 PS (30 kW), later 50 PS (37 kW), and 1221 cc engines with 45-55 PS (34-41 kW).

In 1959 Škoda replaced leaf springs with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers in all of its cars' front axle. The company also intended to make this change at the rear axle, but it did not prove to be a good solution, so leaf springs stayed eventually.

The slightly heavier station wagons at 1365 kg (3009 lb) were all shipped with 1.2 litre engines.


Production numbers:

1089 ccm engine (Octavia):

1221 ccm engine (Octavia Super):

1089 ccm dual carburettor engine (1960, Octavia Touring Sport):

1089 or 1221 ccm engine (1961, Octavia Combi):

1221 ccm engine (1962, Octavia Touring Sport 1200):

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